September 6, 2022

«I learned to smile even in the most difficult situations»

Armenia and its people have suffered a lot – but this story is not about death and destruction, it is one of rebirth and a dream to live for life.

On January 8, 2021, just two months after the end of the Artsakh war, at the initiative of two Armenian women who could not leave their sisters in need, the «Sewing Hope for Armenia» Center on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan opened its doors to welcome 14 women. Each had been carefully selected for their plight caused by the armed conflict.

These women, who had lost their loved ones, homes, jobs and their normal everyday lives, but who had not lost hope, came to us with a desire to build their future.

One of them was Raya Babayan, who had lost her husband and was left alone with her children, homeless and hopeless. Despite her lack of sewing skills, «Sewing Hope for Armenia» offered her training and a job with the organization. Like Raya, we met many women, heard different difficult life stories and united those who lost everything, offering these women a new path and hope for a better tomorrow.

Our priority is the combination of past and future, united under the word HOPE.
H – Humanity. «Sewing Hope for Armenia» is important to every person! That’s why we created a sewing sisterhood that brings together women who have lost everything to give them the hope they desire.
O – Opportunity. We feel it is our duty to reach out to our sisters who give their whole lives without expecting anything in return. We believe in them and give them the desired opportunity to live a life of dignity and comfort.
R – Product. «Sewing Hope for Armenia» products are a reflection of the unique stories of strong Armenian women and convey a love for the richness and greatness of Armenian cultural heritage through every stitch.
E – Education. «Sewing Hope for Armenia» helps sisters get an education and learn the craft of sewing, showing them the way to achieve their goals and ensuring the sustainability of their future and that of their children.

We work to make sure that everyone who wants to – can! Now Raya, like her sisters at «Sewing Hope for Armenia», works in the heart of Yerevan and has the opportunity to help her family by creating bags, accessories and home textiles, putting her love into her work every day.

When you shop at «Sewing Hope for Armenia», you will be a tremendous support to these women, and help us help others by continuing the rich cultural traditions of our ancestors.


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