We are our mountains, we are our letters, we are our bridges through time and all obstacles. We keep our faith in a true and unselfish love for humanity. We say to the world – YES!
Welcome to the Sewing Hope community. Our Mayrigs stitch with love the collection you see, their greatest hope is that you will enjoy carrying these products as much as they enjoyed putting them together.


Armenian women around the world come together as a community to help each other as part of the “Women for Women” idea. Together they can sell not only products, but also hold events, host dinners and share experiences and always be independent of circumstances.
“Sewing Hope Armenia” is more than a project, it’s more than a brand, it’s more than a community, because our main goal is to preserve, continue and spread Armenian culture and traditions all over the world. Our mission is to create an organization capable of developing women of all ages. Organizing a workplace for them, who are left without a home and a family, and helping them to be financially independent in order to support their families.

"When the Armenians, grab each other's hands and trample the ground shoulder to shoulder to the sound of their drums and apricot instruments, the pillars of my palace would sooner turn to dust than be able to stop them".

Gaius Julius Caesar

This is us


Every piece is a second chance