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In this edition, we will hear from two inspiring speakers who are contributing to Armenia in their own unique ways. We hope their experiences will motivate you to find your own path to make a positive difference in the community, no matter how small.
Date: Saturday, September 16th, 2023
Time: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Cost: AED 100 (Cash Only) with light breakfast 
Registrations are open by following this link: 
May 31
The Sisters of «Sewing Hope for Armenia» were blessed with a very special visit, that of Superstar Singer Avraam Russo who came to lend his support to the «Sewing Hope for Armenia» cause…
April 14
If you are looking for a way to enhance your style while supporting a socially responsible business, look no further than SHA bags and accessories on BuyArmenian
April 10
Stitching together a brighter future for women of Armenia – Arm Public TV’s “Aravot Luso” morning show brings Sewing Hope for Armenia’s inspiring story to you.
March 17
We are excited to announce that Gootan and Sewing Hope for Armenia have joined forces to create a powerful collaboration that is transforming the lives of the women of Armenia and supporting the rebuilding efforts in the region.
January 10
With love and gratitude, we congratulate everyone who put their heart and soul into the development and prosperity of this initiative!
December 23
As 2022 comes to a close, we look back on another Armenian year marked with the eternal struggle for survival in both the Humanitarian and Cultural sense. As you read these lines, though a giant Christmas tree and season’s decorations light up Republic Square and Northern Avenue in Yerevan, 120,000 people, including over 30,000 children, face the prospect of starvation and depravation in an Artsakh blockaded by the Azerbaijani dictatorship…
January 17
We thank the team of the “Public Radio of Armenia” radio station and the host of the program “Your Voice” Lusine Muradyan for supporting our project and the opportunity to be heard by a wide audience.
With love and hope we start the new year and continue to work for you.
December 25
Dear friends,
2022 was a year of unity for our Sewing Hope for Armenia team. Through the efforts of a lot of caring people, we not only strengthened our Armenian community “Women Helping Women” by being able to offer sustainable and honorable employment to over 20 women who had lost everything in the face of war and migration, but also by producing handmade home textiles, bags, accessories, and toys, which helped us enter the international market and provide Armenian families with a better future.
September 13
This material was prepared for distribution earlier, but today the war started again…
Breaking News: Azerbaijan has started shelling multiple Armenian villages around the towns of Jermuk, Kapan, Goris and Vardenis.
The storm of fire open on September 13, at 00:05, according to a spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Defense.
May 23
The middle of May was a busy time for the young organization “Sewing Hope for Armenia”, as they held 3 events in Yerevan called “Daughters of Hayk.”

May 19

Rotary International district conference

How a small initiative became an international program?
On the 19th of May, “Sewing Hope for Armenia” …
May 18

SHA National Assembly

In January 2021 a group of Armenian women created “Sewing Hope for Armenia” as a social organization. The aim was to help the women who lost their husbands or became unemployed during the Artsakh Second war.
On the 18th of May a presentation and an …
September 6
On January 8, 2021, just two months after the end of the Artsakh war, at the initiative of two Armenian women who could not leave their sisters in need, the «Sewing Hope for Armenia» Center on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan opened its doors to welcome 14 women. Each had been carefully selected for their plight caused by the armed conflict.

April 23

Life commanded Armenians to live…
On the day of commemoration of the Armenian Genocide victims, the women of “Sewing Hope …
April 19
On the 19th of April, at the Montgomery Hotel, Emirates Hills Dubai, Sewing Hope for Armenia presented their home and accessories collection at the Spring Eid Edit, a fashion event regrouping some 20 independent fashion designers curated by Roshni Shewakramani and Tanya Chhabria
March 19
The presentation of “Sewing Hope for Armenia” at Rotary Expo 2020 took place on the 19th of March. The event hosted 45 Rotarians, Rotaractors and guests from the whole world! The event was sponsored by SHA’s co-founder Nicholas Paillart, and included many Armenian delicacies and accessories.
January 10
Being created on the ruins of Artsakh Second War, we started a long journey of providing a sustainable help to Armenians in need. On January 2021, we created this initiative with four people. We clearly defined our goals, our principles and objectives and now, on January 10, 2022 we will …
September 18
As part of IHG’s Giving for Good month, Voco Dubai donated linen to Sewing Hope for Armenia, an organization founded to provide sustainable employment for women refugees of Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as to women who had lost their husbands fighting in the conflict and had there for lost their means of sustenance.


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