May 23, 2022

A week dedicated to the courage and strength of Armenians

The last week has been exciting for the young organization “Sewing Hope for Armenia” as they rolled out 3 events in Yerevan entitled “Daughters of Hayk”.
The kick off for the week, on the 18th of May was a presentation and exhibition of the  “Sewing Hope for Armenia” collection in the foyer of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief of Staff of the National Assembly who made a very heartfelt speech on the importance of such an initiative for Armenian women and families. Following his speech, Sewing Hope Team members Raya, Knar and Diana recounted to the audience how they have lost their homes and husbands in the recent war and had been forced to flee with the nothing but the clothes on their backs. They gave a very emotional and teary account of their journey from war and death to joining the sisterhood at Sewing Hope.
The exhibition was a huge success, creating visibility and awareness for the cause and the project, as well as selling a considerable number of items. On the 19th of May, Sewing Hope for Armenia was present at the district conference of Rotary International. Each delegate of the conference received, as a welcome gift, a laptop bag for the men and a handbag for the women, each handsewn by the women of Sewing Hope.
Sewing Hope equally maintained a stand in the conference hall exhibiting the items of the collection for sale. Nicholas Paillart, co-founder of the organization, presented the Sewing Hope story to the assembled delegates as an example of a home-grown micro initiative can grow into a global international program with the right support.
The week concluded with a blessing and dinner at the Holy See of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Eshmiatzin. In the magical gothic setting of the Agape refectory, artistically decorated with the fashion and home accessories of the Sewing Hope for Armenia collection, the evening opened with the blessing of the Bishop of Artsakh (the disputed territory at the heart of the 44-day war), followed by interventions by humanitarian and women’s organizations.
The week was a fitting tribute to the strength and resilience of the Armenian women, one which has suffered more than any other in history but continues to keep her head high, celebrating her culture, her family and life.

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