May 18, 2022

Sewing Hope for Armenia at the NA of Armenia

In January 2021 a group of Armenian women created “Sewing Hope for Armenia” as a social organization. The aim was to help the women who lost their husbands or became unemployed during the Artsakh Second war.

On the 18th of May a presentation and an exhibition of the “Sewing Hope for Armenia” collection took place in the foyer of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief of Staff of the National Assembly Vahan Naribekyan who made a very heartfelt speech on the importance of such an initiative for Armenian women and families. 

Raya Babayan, Qnarik Vardanyan and Diana Hayriyan told the audience how they had lost their homes and husbands during the recent war, how they had been forced to flee with nothing behind them, and about their the journey from war and death to joining the ”Sewing Hope for Armenia” sisterhood, which those strong women had made.


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