January 8, 2022

The first anniversary of SHA

Being created on the ruins of Artsakh Second War, we started a long journey of providing a sustainable help to Armenians in need. On January 2021, we created this initiative with four people. We have clearly defined our goals, principles and objectives, and now, one year later, on 8 January 2022, we are a team of 12 strong Armenian women with a history of helping and a history of hope.

The two defined objectives were:

  • To offer dignified, honorable, fulfilling and sustainable employment to impoverished and refugee women.
  • To perpetuate traditional artisanship and culture which could disappear due to war and displacements of people.

The vision and mission of “Sewing Hope” were based on the following pillars:

  1. To provide decent, honorable and sustainable jobs for refugee, single women with children.
  2. To make quality and unique handmade textile products.
  3. To use elements of national weave patterns in the production to preserve, celebrate and spread Armenian culture and history.

Today, every woman, after going through hardships, receives a monthly wage that allows her to regain her purpose, to be able to feed her family, and provide a decent life for her children.

We have created a beautiful collection of handmade fashion and decorative accessories that adorn many people’s homes and looks. These products are steeped in the Armenian soul and are a true testament to our second goal to perpetuate traditional artisanship and culture.

Since day one, we have been responsible for the path we have created, and we do our best to continue to create beauty, hope, and plenty of opportunities to smile.

We are confident that each year our team will grow bigger and more Armenian women will have the opportunity to work and grow with us.

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