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“Sewing Hope for Armenia” is the story of women, mothers and widows, who turned the gray ashes of destruction and war into the bright colors of life.
Our Mayrigs stitch each piece with love and gratitude, striving to provide a better future for their children and continuing the centuries-old craft of weaving and sewing, keeping Armenian culture alive.
By purchasing from “Sewing Hope for Armenia”, you are showing your support for mothers, pillars of Armenian society, rebuilding their lives after the horrors of war.
The collections they have designed are a unique blend of traditional Armenian symbols and modern authentic designs.

“Unable to sew, our Mairigs took their first steps and began to help their families realize the dream of all Armenian people - to live for life, not for survival!”

Team of “Sewing Hope Armenia”
Close to Sewing Hope for Armenia’s heart, is the fate of the Armenian textile industry. Once known as known as the “city of masters” Leninakan was the centre of Armenia’s textile industry. Since, the traditional colourful Armenian weave has been imported. Sewing Hope for Armenia is proud to revive this golden craft, and offer you authentic patterns, made in Armenia by Armenian hands.

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