Bring yourself or your loved ones the perfect personalized handmade gift.
Classic shape with an Armenian weave pattern. Ideal for travel, students, and sports for men and women of all ages.
Size: 45 x 30 x 7 cm
Colors: Grey
Material: Suede fabric with a traditional weave pattern
Weight: 415g
March 29, 2023

Sewing Hope for Armenia is reviving the Armenian textile Industry by bringing back into production authentic Armenian weave patterns.

Since the collapse of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1991 and the loss of economic support from the Soviet Union (Of all Soviet Republics, Armenia received the most aid from Moscow for Technological and Industrial Development), The 2nd Republic of Armenia and subsequent regimes, all the way to Nikol Pashinyan’s Velvet Revolution, have struggled with keeping the Armenian Technological and Industrial sector alive.
January 18, 2023
Beautiful and exquisite style from Sewing Hope for Armenia, best demonstrated by the incomparable #lelylob.
Thank you for supporting us. We are proud to have drawn your attention to the project and to create a common history together.
Thanks to #kmindfulness for capturing these beautiful moments.
September 6
My country and people have suffered a lot, but my story is not about death and destruction, quite the contrary, one of rebirth that began with a great project and a dream to live for life.

I was born in Artsakh, in the village of Karegah in Getashen, where I lived with my husband and two children. We never complained, but after the war, a catastrophe took place in my life, as well as in the lives of thousands of Armenians.
April 19
“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” -Brigham Young
“Sewing Hope for Armenia” is about an opportunity to make refugee women’s and their families’ life better. Each of us goes through hardships and what we need, is an opportunity to rise again after falling. Having lost their loved ones, their homes, jobs and normal lives, but not hope, these women came to us with a desire to learn and change their future. And we gave them this opportunity.
April 8
Armenian history proves the strength and powerful spirit of Armenian women. Moving into each new century, the Armenian people have always faced …
March 19
“Humanity is the ability to participate in the fate of other people.” – Immanuel Kant
“Sewing Hope for Armenia” believes that by changing the way of helping, we can help more people, provide belief of Sustainable Future and Hope that decreases without sustainability.
That is why we unite our priorities under the word HOPE.
July 19
“One of the goals of education is to teach that life is beautiful!” – Maslow, Abraham Harold.
With education we create personalities, then a community. Educated people can guarantee our future and be the big movers of healthy community. That is why “Sewing Hope for Armenia” helps sisters get an education and learn the craft of sewing, showing them the way to achieve their goals and ensuring the sustainability of their future and that of their children.
May 11
“Creativity is the manifestation of God in man. The world will change if everyone on the planet does what they love, which awakens the soul.” – Ara Arush
“Sewing Hope for Armenia” products are a reflection of the unique stories of strong Armenian women and convey a love for the richness and greatness of Armenian cultural heritage through each stitch. Products that have history and serve for a better tomorrow have more values and speak about the meaning of importance of products. Having meaningful products is just one point of our priorities.
July 21
The raison d’etre of «Sewing Hope for Armenia» is in the very name of the company – to sew hope. The word sewing, has two meanings, one is the literal, where sewing indicates the actions made to put together pieces of cloth, the other, planting a seed. «Sewing Hope for Armenia», plants the …

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