Every life is defined by a meaningful and enduring purpose. This goal is noble – to protect the heritage of cultural excellence of Armenia, creating a sustainable future for all participants of “Sewing Hope for Armenia”.
During war and displacement, populations on the run lose shelter, food, warm clothing, but they also lose something much more valuable – their purpose in life, their motivation to go and make a difference. “Sewing Hope for Armenia” believes in restoring purpose to the lives of those who have lost everything, giving them hope and light in the darkness of their current situation. We seek to help people step fearlessly and boldly into the future, learn how to plan for tomorrow and benefit society.
Everything around us was once someone’s dream, and this someone, having gone through all the difficulties, managed to introduce us to themselves and their vision of a better life. So in the “Sewing Hope for Armenia” project, it all started with a dream to live for the sake of life. Women, after prolonged wars, who were left without any means of subsistence, were reminded that even in the most difficult times, the Armenian spirit and diligence always brought the desired results, so they diligently mastered the modern opportunities to develop themselves and their skills for the benefit of society.
The “Sewing Hope for Armenia” brand team decided to create products that would highlight and continue Armenian traditions, introducing the world to the richness of its culture and abundance of inspiration. They emphasized fabrics, colors, patterns and ornaments that reflect the spirituality and sophistication of the nation long before our era. The priority for the brand is the combination of the past and the future, united under the word HOPE.
H – Humanity. For “Sewing Hope for Armenia”, every person matters! That’s why we created a sewing sisterhood that brings together women who have lost everything to give them hope for a better tomorrow.
O – Opportunity. We feel it is our duty to reach out to our sisters who give their whole lives without expecting anything in return. We believe in them and give them the coveted opportunity to live in dignity and comfort.
P – Product. “Sewing Hope for Armenia” products are a reflection of the unique stories of strong Armenian women and convey a love for the richness and greatness of Armenian cultural heritage through each stitch.
E – Education. “Sewing Hope for Armenia” helps sisters get an education and learn the craft of sewing, showing them the way to achieve their goals and ensuring the sustainability of their future and that of their children.

«The Armenians are a people who are able to preserve for centuries and pass from generation to generation the sacred respect for handwritten and sometimes bloodwritten books... This is a huge indicator of culture and strong evidence of a high love for their origins».

Rasul Gamzatov – Avar poet, writer and publicist

The goals of the “Sewing Hope for Armenia” project:

Objectives of the “Sewing Hope for Armenia” project:

June 19

In all solemnity, on the 24th of April 2022, Armenia honoured the 107th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the first historically recorded state …

May 22

Few peoples can, like the Armenians, boast of a continuous and consistent record of fine textile production from the first millennium B.C. to the present times. Today, Armenians are blessed by the diversity and richness of a textile heritage passed on by thirty centuries of diligent practice…

May 22

The mission of «Sewing hope for Armenia» is to transfer Armenian culture through different items while providing not only employment and income but also hope to women who have lost everything following the humanitarian disaster of the 44-day Artsakh war of 2020.

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