October 8, 2022

H for Humanity

“Humanity is the ability to participate in the fate of other people.” – Immanuel Kant

“Sewing Hope for Armenia” believes that by changing the way of helping, we can help more people, provide belief of Sustainable Future and Hope that decreases without sustainability.

That is why we unite our priorities under the word HOPE.
H – Humanity
O – Opportunity
P – Product
E – Education

For today we will speak about Humanity. For “Sewing Hope for Armenia”, every person matters! That is why we created a sewing sisterhood that brings together women who have lost everything to give them hope for a better tomorrow.
We can see real acts of humanity in many Armenian’s actions like Zabel Yesayan’s, who was a prominent figure in the Armenian academic and political community during the late XIX and early XX centuries and who for us, Armenians is a role model and the real example of sense of humanity. Her writings are about Adana Massacre, Armenian Genocide and women’s roles and rights in the Ottoman and Armenian communities.

Her works were very important for Armenians, who were living in Ottoman and contributed to the Armenian intellectual movement called Zartonk (the awakening). Due to her activism, she was the only woman on the list of Armenian intellectuals targeted for arrest and deportation by the Ottoman Young Turk government, which would be on April 24, 1915. Many Armenian intellectuals were the victims of the Young Turk’s decisions and today on April 24 we remember not only the memory of our intellectuals, but also of all Armenians who were victims of the years-long genocide.

Fortunately, Zabel evaded arrest and went to Bulgaria, later to Baku and Caucasus to collect stories that witnessed many Armenian eyes during the Armenian genocide. Then she settled in Soviet Armenia and wrote books there, she was also a lecturer of French and Armenian literature in Yerevan State University. But, unfortunately, during Stalin years, she was accused of “nationalism” and was abruptly arrested in 1937. They say she died possibly in Siberia, sometime in 1943.

Her work is immense, because by speaking out the problems of that years, she was sowing the first seeds of humanity, showing the whole world what is love, support and faith in your people.


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