Buy a handbag today, and help Armenian women be confident about tomorrow.
This beige suede SHA handbag is versatile and practical to use: very roomy and functional. The front patterned zipper pocket serves as an extra compartment for your belongings. Take this bag with you on a walk, study or holiday.
Size: 23 x 10 x 21 cm
Colors: Beige, yellow, black, grey, brown, blue
Material: Suede fabric with an ornamental pattern
Weight: 400g
May 22

Celebrities speak out for Armenia

The massacres of the Armenians in the late 19th century caused forced displacement (1.75 million people) during 1915–16 by the Ottoman Turks to Syria and Palestine …

July 19

The buzz word sustainability is used and abused by the fashion industry, as by many others, to whitewash products and companies, thus allowing consumers to believe that they are being responsible and in their buying decisions. In a world more and more concerned about acquiring …
May 22
A visit to the numerous museums and cultural sites of Armenia is a revelation of the age and depth of this beautiful culture and very rapidly allows the visitor to understand the attachment that Armenians have to their culture. In the face of the ongoing attacks on the Armenian People and Culture, “Sewing Hope for Armenia” wishes to stress the importance of keeping alive and celebrating the beauty of what makes this centuries-old Armenian culture so unique …

April 8

Armenian history proves the strength and powerful spirit of Armenian women. Moving into each new century, the Armenian people have always faced …

May 27

Power of love Armenian Mayrig

While Sewing Hope for Armenia’s story only starts in after the most recent Artsakh War of November 2020, a look at an ancient map of the Kingdom …

July 21

The raison d’etre of «Sewing Hope for Armenia» is in the very name of the company – to sew hope. The word sewing, has two meanings, one is the literal, where sewing indicates the actions made to put together pieces of cloth, the other, planting a seed. «Sewing Hope for Armenia», plants the …

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