Buy the tote bag today, and  help Armenian women be confident in the future.
Delicate shape and colors will add lightness to your image. The best bag for everyday wear will become a favorite item in the wardrobe of women who prefer practicality and sophisticated design.
Size: 35 x 17 x 32
Colors: Black, beige, gray
Material: suede with textile ornament
Weight: 750g

May 30

Singer Avraam Russo visiting «Sewing Hope for Armenia»

The Sisters of «Sewing Hope for Armenia» were blessed with a very special visit, that of Superstar Singer Avraam Russo who came to lend his support to the «Sewing Hope for Armenia» cause…

July 19

The buzz word sustainability is used and abused by the fashion industry, as by many others, to whitewash products and companies, thus allowing consumers to believe that they are being responsible and in their buying decisions. In a world more and more concerned about acquiring …

April 22

The mission of «Sewing hope for Armenia» is to transfer Armenian culture through different items while providing not only employment and income but also hope to women who have lost everything following the humanitarian disaster of the 44-day Artsakh war of 2020. Each accessory is made by …

April 8

Armenian history proves the strength and powerful spirit of Armenian women. Moving into each new century, the Armenian people have always faced …

May 27

Power of love Armenian Mayrig

While Sewing Hope for Armenia’s story only starts in after the most recent Artsakh War of November 2020, a look at an ancient map of the Kingdom …

July 21

The raison d’etre of «Sewing Hope for Armenia» is in the very name of the company – to sew hope. The word sewing, has two meanings, one is the literal, where sewing indicates the actions made to put together pieces of cloth, the other, planting a seed. «Sewing Hope for Armenia», plants the …

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