September 13, 2022

Two years after the last Artsakh war, the displacement and dispossession of the Armenian population continue…

This material was prepared for distribution earlier, but today the war started again…
Breaking News: Azerbaijan has started shelling multiple Armenian villages around the towns of Jermuk, Kapan, Goris and Vardenis.
The storm of fire open on September 13, at 00:05, according to a spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Defense.
The forty-four-day war of November 2020 in Artsakh took many thousands of human lives, and thousands of families lost their relatives, homes, villages, and cities, everything which they had acquired over the years at the cost of great difficulty and deprivation.
It had seemed that after the signing of the tripartite agreement, it would have been possible to preserve what was left after the fires, but the evictions and displacements continue and this time, a dark shadow passed over the pure Armenian villages of Berdzor and Aghavno.
It is impossible not to shed tears when seeing how young children and old people are forced to say goodbye to their place of residence for the last time with heartache. To leave what they have acquired over the years and find themselves out in the open without any hope for tomorrow makes people deeply disillusioned with any bright future.
Philanthropy knows no borders and nationalities. Every person who wants to make the world a better place for humanity, every human being, regardless of their citizenship, must, first of all, earn the right to be a citizen of planet earth, and earning that right begins with caring for one’s own species through the manifestation of sympathy.
The company “Sewing Hope for Armenia” was one of the first to expand its activities in Armenia and Artsakh immediately after the war, giving women the opportunity to have a sustainable and honorable job. Seizing this opportunity, many women were able to re-create their corner and start a new life. But today there is still a need as the possibilities of the company to help more human beings are not unlimited. It is only through people who have earned the right to be citizens of society and planet earth and who carry the idea of ​​humanism, that we can increase the chain of kindness and give hope to all those who suffered and are still suffering due to war and displacement. deprivations.
Live for life, not for survival! Because life is more than survival!

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